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Custom Ottomans

Uniche Creations not only manufactures coffee tables, beds, dining tables, and other lodge furniture, but we also manufacture quality custom ottomans stylishly upholstered in Eland and other animal hides.

The animal hides are of superior quality and will ensure longevity without marks and signs of ageing. We only use animal hides derived from areas where responsible hunting and conservation programs are in place. Whether you want the footstool type or the larger coffee table type we can provide you with high quality custom ottomans to fit the colour scheme and style of your lodge, restaurant or home.

Background on the ottoman

It is a padded or upholstered piece of furniture that comes without a back rest. Often used as footstool, it is frequently placed in the lounge area. It can also serve as a chair in which case you will find it in the bedroom. The larger types sometimes double as coffee tables. Other names for the ottoman include pouf, tuffet, footstool, and hassock.


You can find hollow and stuffed ottomans. We are able to supply both. The hollow ottoman often doubles as a blanket storage space normally to be found in the bedroom or the bathroom.

Click here to view our designer african ottoman range for hotels, lodges and restaurants.

Origin of the name

The footstool made from fabric was introduced around 1806. The association with the Ottoman Empire came about when Egypt under Ottoman Rule at the time, fought against France. The French invaded Egypt and exerted a form of punishment which involved pain walking. The tired Egyptians would rest their feet on the footstools, which to ensure more comfort, were stuffed.

The same comfort originally associated with the ottoman is still envisaged when thinking of an ottoman. We are committed to ensure ultimate comfort and style through custom ottomans. View our range of small and large designs. We ensure that your lodge interior will be greatly enhanced through our custom ottomans.

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