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Rosewood furniture

Rosewood furniture offers an exclusive ambience as it has a distinct colour that enhances the overall look of any interior. The wood is normally used for veneers, but we use only solid rosewood for quality furniture design. Whether you require bathroom cabinets or room dividers the unique colour of Rosewood furniture will simply make any room look stunning.

The attributes of Rosewood

We make use of African rosewood in our furniture making. The wood is known on the continent as Mazaule, Guibourtia or Muscti. We make use of wood derived from the forests of Cameroon and Zaire where environmentally friendly reforestation practices are followed.

The wood has a purple brown colour although in many cases the colour reflects as dark red or reddish brown. The grains range from fairly straight to interlocked. It also provides an excellent end result with many decorative features. This is also perhaps the reason for popularity of Rosewood furniture in lodges. It is however, exceptionally easy to work with ensuring unique finishes.

The wood has a moderate durability and is thus well suited for furniture used indoors rather than outdoor furniture. Furniture such as bathroom cabinets, cabinet handles, and stylish room dividers can be crafted from the wood.

We have developed the craft of working with the wood to the level of perfection making it possible to design furniture others would rather shy away from when using the wood. This is one of the reasons for our popularity as lodge, hotel, and restaurant furniture manufacturer not only on the African continent, but also various countries abroad. Another unique feature of our furniture is the combination of Tuscan and Provence inspirations with that of modern European designs and a fusion with Pan African influences. If you want lodge furniture that will be unique, durable and of high quality, contact us today for more information on our range of Rosewood furniture.

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