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Teak Furniture

Teak furniture no doubt will last for years to come especially if manufactured by Uniche Creations.

Characteristics of the wood used in the manufacturing of Teak Furniture

We make use of Rhodesian Teak also known as Zambian Teak to craft our diamond tables and other dining room furniture. It should not be confused with Asian Teak. The Rhodesian Teak has outstanding strength and is harder than true teak. It is a stable wood with many qualities that prolong the lifespan of teak furniture.

The wood is harvested from areas in Southern Africa such as Namibia and the western parts of Zambia where sustainable and environmental friendly replanting practices are followed. The teak is often used for railway sleepers specifically because of its strength. The slow drying wood has a distinctive grain and colour. When it is just used it will have a light-brown appearance with black lines. Once exposed to light the wood changes colour quickly to become a reddish brown. After a few years it will become dark brown. It features a fine and even texture and makes for exceptionally hard surfaces. This is also why we use it in the making of quality dining room and outdoor tables.

The wood handles humidity quite well making it also suitable for terrace furniture. As a timber well suited for tropical conditions it is thus perfect for lodge furniture on the African continent.

We manufacture only solid hardwood furniture and with our expertise regarding the various woods available, you can be assured that we will select the most appropriate timber for particular furniture. If you want to make a lasting positive impression on guests, simply invest in quality Teak furniture as available from Uniche Creations. We also provide custom designs ensuring that your particular requirements can be met. Contact us today to order your lodge or guesthouse furniture from Uniche Creations.

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