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Restaurant furniture to create the perfect ambiance

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere with solidwood hardwood restaurant furniture is possible if your supplier is Uniche-Creations. The company has more than 25 years of experience in creating stunning designs and manufacturing quality wooden  tables for the hospitality industry as well as suppliers of a vast selection of chairs and couches upholstered in either leather or fabric of your choice, all for the hospitality industry, catering for all budgets

African lodges with restaurants often want to create a balance between ethnic influences and contemporary styles. Finding a supplier that will be able to strike the perfect balance is however, not that easy. U-Niche-Creations stepped in to fill the gap between contemporary and African styles. We assess your particular requirements to custom design restaurant furniture that will be comfortable, practical and yet at the same time, elegant as well as have an air of opulence.

Any restaurant owner will agree that a large part of their success depends on the atmosphere created through the lay-out and careful consideration regarding the selection of restaurant furniture. It will also influence the market that is attracted to the restaurant and as such a unique signature is required when creating the interior.

High-back leather dining chairs with solid wood tables, large bold framed mirrors, and stylish servers all contribute to creating an atmosphere of quality and elegance. It has long been noted in the hospitality industry that when you want to impress your guests or patrons right from the start that you will need to focus on the interior of your establishment. Even when users browse the Internet for restaurants they will partly base their decision on where to dine or lodge on the visual presentation which includes the furniture. If you thus want to distinguish your lodge or restaurant from others, you will have to go the extra mile by ensuring the perfect atmosphere through high quality furniture.

As such we recommend that you browse through our online catalogue to get an overview of the quality and styles that we offer. We only make use of African hardwoods sourced from forests on the continent where responsible and environmental-friendly replanting practices are applied. Create the warm ambience that will ensure return customers by investing in custom designed restaurant furniture as available from us.

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