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Bedroom Furniture
The U-Niche range of bedroom furniture offers superior comfort with an aesthetic appeal that will allow them to relish the bedroom they stay in.

Coffee Tables
As an interior designer to a safari lodge or hotel one of the things you will have to give thought to is coffee tables.

Dining Tables
If you are looking for fine dining tables to suit your dining room be it a lodge or restaurant U-Niche Furniture Creations have a range of tables designed to serve the needs of discerning diners.

Lounge Furniture
Ultimately our aim at U-Niche is to produce lounge furniture that will resonate with the space it occupies and add to the guests’ sense of comfort and well being.

Modern Furniture
With the trend these days being for contemporary design many hoteliers and designers are looking for modern furniture styles to be aligned with the interior design objective.

House Furniture
It is time for Africa and while the world’s attention is focused on our sport and hospitality, it really should be on the African design influences from our culturally diverse continent.

Affordable Hotel Furniture
Hotel owners can have the best of both worlds when they invest in affordable hotel furniture from U-Niche creations.

Affordable Guesthouse Furniture
With niche furnishings, like the affordable guesthouse furniture range from U-Niche, you can transform any space and create the ambience that distinctly brands your place.

Furniture For The Living Room
U-Niche Creations provide guesthouses and private estates with elegant furniture for the living room that makes one feel right at home.

Dining Room Furniture
They say diamonds are forever and this is also true for the dining room furniture from U-Niche creations, which guarantee longevity since only the best wood is considered.

Furniture For Hotel
Considerations regarding furniture for hotel lodges.

Furniture For Guesthouse
The ideal furniture for guesthouse surroundings.

Furniture For Restaurant
When it comes to furniture for restaurant surroundings, you will simply adore our range of dining tables, television and drink cabinets, coffee tables, kitchen islands, bold framed mirrors, and side boards.

Living Room Furniture
The finest living room furniture you will get.

Home Furniture
The most important aspect will be that the home furniture supplier can provide custom made furniture that will fit your particular home.

Furniture Shops
Browsing for furniture shops online has become a whole lot easier as there are hundreds of furniture shops online to select from.

Modern Furniture
More often than not when the phrase ‘modern furniture’ is used people think of post-modern white, orange, lime green, and black furnishings styled without any solid corners to provide comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Hotel Furniture Suppliers
With literally hundreds of hotel furniture suppliers to select from around the world, how do you select one that will meet your requirements?

Bedroom Furniture
When deciding on the bedroom furniture for a lodge you will want to select furnishings that will provide a true reflection of the culture of the continent where the lodge is situated.

Hotel Bedroom Furniture
As a hotel bedroom furniture manufacturer catering to the discerning tastes of lodge and hotel owners, we craft original furnishings from a range of solid African hardwoods, suitable specifically for the bedroom furnishings.

Custom Made Furniture
Although there are undoubtedly amazing furnishings on the market, you will want the flair, elegance, and also prestige that come with custom made furniture.

Furniture Manufacturers
The best furniture manufacturers for lodge furnishings are those who are situated in a country where safari is almost a lifestyle.

Home Furniture
If you plan on building a house in a wildlife estate you will want home furniture that incorporates African ethnic influences with sleek European designs.

Hotel Furniture
The selection of the most appropriate hotel furniture is essential if you want to create the right character.

Restaurant Furniture
The requirements for lodge restaurant furniture differ vastly from the ones for chain restaurants.

Bar and Restaurant Furniture
Find out what the latest trends in bar and restaurant furniture suggest

Beauty of Kiaat Furniture
As part of our extensive range of niche furnishings, we also offer stunning Kiaat furniture to lodge, restaurant, guesthouse, hotel and private home owners.

The Beauty of Rosewood Furniture
Rosewood furniture has always been appreciated by people who love the finer things in life.

Qualities of Teak Furniture
Teak furniture is valued by lodge owners around the world because of the elegance, durability and high quality associated with the wood.

Why invest in Teak Wood Furniture?
If you are looking for reasons why you should invest in teak wood furniture you have come to the right place

B&B Furniture
Have you ever booked accommodation at a guesthouse and then were surprised by the lack of attention to detail such as appropriate high quality B&B furniture in the establishment?

Bar furniture selection
Bar furniture made from solid hardwoods will enhance the overall ambience and contribute to the lodge theme of your bar area.

Fine wood furniture
Looking for fine wood furniture that will be suitable for an upmarket safari lodge or guesthouse? Look no further than Uniche Creations.

Furniture for hotels
The first area noticed when walking into a hotel is the reception and second the lounge. Make an impressice first impression.

Furniture for restaurants
Certain aspects should be considered when you select furniture for restaurants. It is all too easy to get caught up in the moment and purchase furniture for restaurants based upon budget alone

Unique African Furniture for Lodges
When reading the words “African Furniture” images of heavily carved furniture with ethnic motives may be come to mind, but Uniche Creations is not a stereotype company and by no means manufactures stereotype African furniture

Custom furniture for lodges
You may wonder why you should select custom furniture for your lodge and not simply purchase pre-manufactured furniture which will cost less.

Custom wood furniture ideas for homes and lodges
Uniche Creations is the leading design and manufacturing company of custom wood furniture for lodges around the world.

Handcrafted furniture for atmosphere
The beauty of skilfully handcrafted furniture is undisputed.

Unique furniture to create atmosphere
Tired of the same old furnishings seen in so many lodges and guesthouses today? Are you looking for unique furniture that will enhance the ambience of your home or lodge?

Quality Solid Hard Wood Furniture
Our fusing of contemporary European designs and Pan African influences through the usage of selected woods brings about stunning solid hard wood furniture that has made us a leader in the custom made furniture industry

Perfect Restaurant Furniture for the South African Market
Stunning restaurant furniture carved from the best hardwoods of Africa

The aesthetic qualities of Rosewood furniture
Looking for the most exquisite hotel, lodge, restaurant or guesthouse furnishings? Browse our range of rosewood furniture.

Quality Teak Furniture for Hotels and Lodges
Uniche Creations supplies a wide range of uniquely crafted Rhodesian Teak furniture to lodges, hotels, guesthouses, game farms, and casinos around the world.

Why Wooden Furniture for Lodges?
Go beyond the mass produced articles for a natural and quality handcrafted product.

Wooden Furniture South Africa
U-Niche Creations is a leading manufacturer of furniture for the hospitality and private home owner industry

Mahogany Tables
African Mahogany tables simply have an air of elegance to them, not easily obtained through the usage of other wood types.

Kitchen Island Cabinets
The two best suitable wood types for the making of kitchen island cabinets are that of Saligna and Mahogany.

Contemporary Furniture
When it comes to the selection of contemporary furniture for hotels and lodges, people often associate the term contemporary with that of post-modernism.

African Mahogany Cabinets
Our focus in the manufacturing of African Mahogany cabinets and other suitable furniture for the hospitality industry is on quality.

Contemporary Dining Tables
It is amazing what a difference the selection contemporary dining tables can make to the interior of a lodge, guesthouse or restaurant.

Designer Restaurant Furniture
Designer restaurant furniture simply refers to tables and chairs which are custom made for the specific establishment.

Handcrafted Hotel Furniture
Creating the right atmosphere and establishing good report with guests thus begin with the careful selection of handcrafted hotel furniture as available from Uniche Creations.

Mahogany Coffee Tables
Mahogany coffee tables provide the African regal ambience longed for by lodge and restaurant owners.

Teak Coffee Tables
Teak coffee tables boast durability only equalled by that of Kiaat and Mahogany furniture also available from Uniche Creations.

Guesthouse Furniture
Our team has years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and exporting of guesthouse furniture.

Mahogany Furniture
Numerous lodges on the African continent have already invested in our unique Mahogany furniture because of regal feeling it provides to the interior.

Restaurant Furniture
If you want to create the perfect balance between the African feel and European inspirations, you will find a range so well balanced that other manufacturers of unique restaurant furniture get inspiration from us.

Rosewood Furniture
Whether you require bathroom cabinets or room dividers the unique colour of Rosewood furniture will simply make any room look stunning.

Teak Furniture
The Rhodesian Teak has outstanding strength and is harder than true teak. It is a stable wood with many qualities that prolong the lifespan of teak furniture.

Bedroom furniture south africa
The best bedroom furniture South Africa has to offer to lodges, guesthouses, safari hotels, and discerning home owners are available from Uniche Creations.

Custom headboards
Are you planning to refurbish you lodge or guesthouse? Need custom headboards to fit the unique beds and stylish interior of your lodge?

Custom made furniture
Custom made furniture is more expensive than mass produced furniture, but if you are looking for quality then it is best to select custom made furniture.

Safari camp furniture
Safari camp furniture need not be rugged with no style. If you are catering to the discerning eco-tourist then surely your furniture selection should resemble style, opulence, comfort, and quality?

Solid wood bedside tables
Solid wood bedside tables in the suites of your lodge will show guests that every detail has been attended to.

Authentic hotel furniture for the lodges of today
U-Niche Creations is a leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality hotel furniture suitable for the top eco-lodges of Southern Africa.

Elegant lodge furniture for the connoisseur
Select elegant lodge furniture that will be appreciated by even the most discerning safari traveller.

Solid wood furniture for hotels and lodges
We are an esteemed manufacturer and supplier of unique solid wood furniture custom designed to fit the client’s requirements and budget.

Restaurant furniture to create the perfect ambiance
Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere with solid hardwood restaurant furniture is possible if your supplier is Uniche-Creations.

African Bedroom Furniture
Our range of African bedroom furniture is evident of our unique style and commitment to fine craftsmanship.

African Wood Dining Tables
When you order unique and custom made African wood dining tables from Uniche, you will be able to create the atmosphere that will have guests want to stay longer because of the unique interior of your lodge.

African Restaurant Furniture
This unique combination ensures majestic African restaurant furniture that will enhance the atmosphere of opulence, comfort, and of course the African safari feeling of your restaurant.

Mahogany Lodge Furniture
Mahogany lodge furniture provides a stately feeling to the interior of a lodge. The special qualities of the wood contribute to a brownish-red colour for the furniture which has always been associated with opulence.

Rosewood Furniture
Rosewood furniture holds a special appeal mainly because of the colour of the wood. Although mainly used in veneers, through creativity in design it is possible to come up with a whole range of rosewood furniture for lodges and restaurants.

Quality Restaurant Furniture
If you have a chain restaurant aimed at students it is fine to have mass produced furniture, but if you own an up-market lodge it is essential to invest only in quality restaurant furniture.

African Restaurant Furniture
Imagine guests from countries far away dining at your lodge in the Kalahari or perhaps the Bushveld. They expect quality hand crafted African restaurant furniture and nothing less.

Hotel Coffee Tables
Hotel coffee tables play an integral role in the creation of an ambience that embeds style and comfort. Although the lobby and lounge areas should be neat, a balance should be created to ensure that the guests feel welcome in the stylish surroundings.

Custom Ottomans
Uniche Creations not only manufactures coffee tables, beds, dining tables, and other lodge furniture, but we also manufacture quality custom ottomans stylishly upholstered in Eland and other animal hides.

Lodge Bathroom Furniture
Decoration of the lodge doesn’t end in the lounge or bedrooms. The selection of appropriate and stylish lodge bathroom furniture should be priority. It is a given that the guest will inspect the amenities

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