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Go Back to your Roots with African house Furniture

It is time for Africa and while the world’s attention is focused on our sport and hospitality, it really should be on the African design influences from our culturally diverse continent. U-Niche Creations manufactures house furniture that is made from African Hardwoods such as Kiaat, Rosewood, Saligna, Teak and Mahogany. Quality, originality, timeless and beautifully crafted coffee tables, drink cabinets, sideboards, wardrobes, bedside pedestals and dining room tables are the end results.

Pablo Picasso was one artist who saw the potential of Africa’s timeless beauty. He captured the organic essence in his artwork by getting inspiration from tribal masks that he called ‘magical objects’. U-Niche Creations are not interested in making functional everyday house furniture, they aspire to be like Picasso in all their creations and customise their designs to become a master piece while paying tribute to our majestic legacy. With exotic themes captured in the bold textured designs of mirrors frames and earthy reddish brown tones in all the woods that is so true of our landscape, they are making a unique African statement.

Just like our forefathers you can also stand tall and be proud that your dining table and other pieces are crafted from wood that comes from countries that are responsible towards reforestation. U-Niche Creations only use wood suppliers in Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana so you can feel assured that you’re not hurting Mother Nature when you place your cup of coffee on your new kiaat wood table.

If you want African house furniture that appeals across time and continents then go back to your roots and contact U-Niche creations for hall tables, TV cabinets and sofa tables. Guest houses and hotels have embraced these creative designs and now individual home owners also have the chance to decorate their living rooms, halls and bedrooms with a new kind of urban sophistication.


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